Alpha Reads Service

Introducing Alpha Reads

Are you struggling to write your novel or novella? Have you lost the motivation to sit down and write it? Maybe your characters aren’t working, or you can’t figure out the POV, voice, plotting, structure, emotion, etc. Perhaps you’re having trouble finding the core and direction for your story, or maybe you just want experienced eyes to review your ideas.

I’ve created the Alpha Reads service to help you write the story you envisioned before you spend months or years struggling with it. To help you strengthen your story long before you send it to beta readers.

How it Works

I’ll review whatever you have: draft-0 manuscript, notes, outline, multiple drafts of the same chapter, any of it and work with you to get your story on track.

It is often said that writing is rewriting, but rewriting without clear goals for your story can cause wasted hours of revision, and re-revisions. 
For less than the price of an average Beta Read, you get: a written summary of what’s working and what’s not. Five follow-up Q&A emails. And a 30 minute video Q&A session via Skype or Google Hangouts.

All for $95.

If you’ve got a story but are finding it hard to tell, click here for an Alpha Read.