I’m Kevin Fellows, Founder and Owner of Epos. I’m a writer of fantasy and speculative fiction and fiction copy editor. You can learn more about my fiction at my author site.

Epos, meaning epic, is a publishing company bringing diverse and unique author voices into Fantasy and Speculative literature. Through Epos I provide services and information to authors of the genre.

My Mission

Epos seeks to provide Fantasy and Speculative literature through its imprints and other methods. My desire is to bring unique and diverse author voices to the genre, while also bringing new readers to those works.

My Vision

Epos seeks to be a publisher at the forefront of diverse publishing, placing the best new Fantasy and speculative literature into the hands of readers.

Epos will recognize and reward authors for their creative work and advocate moving the genre forward. My outlook is progressive and positive for publishing and for society. Epos will also provide services and tools to the creators of this literature.