Beta Reading and Critiques

You’ve finished multiple drafts of your novel or story and you’ve poured all your creative energy into it, but you know it’s not ready for the world. Gaps lurk, things may be throwing your first (alpha) readers out of the story. It’s too early for an expensive developmental or structural edit, but you need feedback. Knowledgeable genre feedback.

SFF writers need feedback that understands the genres’ tropes, world building, magic systems, fictional science, and the open ended nature of the speculative. For lengthy works, common in SFF, finding good beta readers can be difficult. If you’re a genre writer in a marginalized group, it’s even more difficult.

I offer three services to help with these needs: Beta Reading, Critiques, and Coaching.

Beta Reading

My beta reading is more than a typical beta read. I provide comments in the manuscript and a written summary from the perspective of a genre reader and as a writer in the genre. Ideal for manuscripts at any stage needing genre feedback. I read all sub-genres, and any length: novel, novella, or short story.

My style is to ask a lot of questions designed to have the author interrogate their work and question if they are getting what they intended across to the reader. It also ensures the author is making deliberate choices. I look at characterization, plot, pacing, POV, worldbuilding, magic systems, genre tropes, and more.

Beta Read with Summary (starting at $20 per 10,000 words): includes characterization, plot, pacing, POV, subplot resolution, and more. For genre works I take a deep look at worldbuilding, magic, and speculative element consistency. Contact me at: for a quote.


For those looking for in-depth feedback I offer a full critique like those found in a workshop. This comprises multiple close readings of the work delving into not just the mechanics of the piece, but how well it works. I try to reveal what meaning the author has elicited (intentionally or not). Critiques also review choices of voice, style, and form. A critique can sometimes be helpful after you’ve had a work edited and made significant changes but can’t afford a second full edit.

A Critique (starting at $25 per 10,000 words): is an in-depth review similar to those given in writing workshops. In addition to everything in a Beta Read, you’ll receive feedback in a multi-page critique on form, meaning, layers, and voice. Contact me at: for a quote.


Often writers just want to know if they are on the right track, or if they have written something worth revising and submitting to an agent or market. If you are looking for a pair of seasoned eyes and a conversation, live or via email, I can help. Coaching sessions start at $30 per hour, but I understand each author’s needs and each work is different. Contact me at: for a free consultation about your coaching needs.

About the Pricing: Each work is unique and every author’s circumstances are different. I work with each author to provide a custom quote. Samples are available if you wish to see how I work. Contact

Terms and Disclaimers
Copyright: The author retains all copyrights. Epos makes no claim to copyright of author-submitted works.

Confidentiality: All works submitted to the service by authors is under strict confidence. No part of the manuscript, Summary Reports, or correspondence will be shared with anyone other than the author or their representative.

Disclaimer: Beta readings and Critiques are not editorial services and should not be considered replacement for professional editing. Epos cannot guarantee any work submitted to this service will receive offers of publication. The views and opinions expressed in the Service are those of the individual reviewer and not Epos or Epos provides no warranty for the use of the Services and the use of the Services is provided As-Is.