A Critique is more comprehensive than a Beta Read and less thorough than a Developmental edit.

  • Ideal for manuscripts that have gone through beta reads, but the feedback wasn’t deep or substantial enough before sending to a developmental editor or agent.
  • Perhaps you’ve already received a developmental edit, and you changed the manuscript significantly. But a second developmental edit is too costly.
  • Rather than a full Developmental edit, a Critique may be right for manuscripts that fit tightly in sub-genres like epic fantasy, space opera, fantasy romance, etc. and for experienced authors just looking for another set of seasoned eyes.


My approach combines close attention to structure and story like a developmental edit, and feedback like that received in a workshop. This comprises multiple close readings of the work, delving into not just the mechanics of the piece, but how effective the story works.

I seek to reveal what the author has elicited (intentionally or not) and review choices of voice, style, and form. I pose questions from the reader’s perspective the author may not have asked themselves.

Critiques start at $27 per 10,000 words: You’ll receive feedback in a multi-page critique on form, meaning, layers, and voice. Each work is unique and every author’s circumstances are different. I work with each author to provide a custom quote. Sample critiques are available if you wish to see how I work. Contact