Developmental Fiction Editing

What is Developmental Editing?

A developmental editor helps a writer develop their story from a completed, solid draft into a strong story readers want to read. Developmental editing is all about the story. All of the elements: characterization, plot, structure, pacing, description, themes, and ideas are evaluated in service to telling the best story possible. Developmental editing is not punctuation, grammar, or prose review.

Services and pricing

All stories can benefit from Developmental Editing.

  • Short stories under 10,000 words start at $0.008 per word, or $80 for a 10,000 word story. Equivalent to 40 pages.
  • Novelettes and novellas up to 45,000 words are $0.0087 per word, or $395 for 45,000 words. Equivalent to 180 pages.
  • Novels 46,000 words and up are 0.009 per word, or $675 for a 75,000 word book. Equivalent to 300 pages.

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For reference, the Editorial Freelance Association rates page.