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First Reads Beta Reading Service

The First Reads beta reading service is more than a typical Beta read but less than an Edit. Ideal for manuscripts at any stage needing Fantasy or Speculative genre focused feedback. First Reads are available for all Fantasy and Speculative sub-genres, and for any length: novel, novella, short story, or poem.

First Reads beta reading provides Summaries varying in length according to the work being reviewed. Summaries include:

  • Replies to specific questions you want addressed
  • Strength/energy of the story: is the reader compelled to read on?
  • Fantastical or Speculative elements: are they present and fresh?
  • Dialogue: does it feel real, can the reader follow it?

Longer Summaries include:

  • Worldbuilding – is it rich, is suspension of disbelief consistent?
  • Are Magic or Speculative elements consistent?
  • Does it use Fantasy or Speculative tropes effectively are there clichés?
  • Do scenes progress naturally? Is Pacing solid?
  • If it’s a long story, do plot and subplots resolve satisfactorily?
  • and more.

Pricing: Each work is unique and every author’s situation different. We work with each author to provide a custom quote, however, base prices are below:

  • Poetry Review: contact for a quote.
  • 1-3 Page summary: $0.80 per 1,000 words, min $10 / 20,000 words for $16.
  • 4 or more page summary: $1.00 per 1,000 words, min $20 no maximum.
  • Multiple summaries for longer works: for 120,000+ words we suggest breaking into sections, each with a separate summary. Contact for a quote.
  • Turnaround depends upon length of the work submitted.
  • All payments via PayPal.

You may submit your manuscript by filling out this form and attaching your manuscript. Or you can contact and describe your project needs.

If you have any questions, please email

Terms and Disclaimers
Copyright: The author retains all copyrights. Epos makes no claim to copyright of author-submitted works.

Confidentiality: All works submitted to the service by authors is under strict confidence. No part of the manuscript, Summary Reports, or correspondence will be shared with anyone other than the author or their representative.

Disclaimer: First Reads beta reading service is not an editorial service and should not be considered replacement for professional editing. Epos cannot guarantee any work submitted to this service will receive offers of publication. The views and opinions expressed in the Service are those of the individual reviewer and not Epos or Epos provides no warranty for the use of the Services and the use of the Services is provided As-Is.

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