You’ve spent months or years working on your science fiction or fantasy manuscript. Your worldbuilding is deep, your characters are compelling, and your plot is tight. You’ve read and re-read the story. You’ve had a developmental edit, and beta readers love it. It’s ready to pitch to an agent isn’t it? It’s ready to self-publish, right?

Not quite.

Every manuscript needs a copyedit, also known as a line level edit. If you’re sending a novel to an agent, you want to make the best impression possible. If you’re self-publishing, you want readers to have a smooth experience and fall into the world of your story without stumbling over awkward sentences or confusing paragraphs. Professional copyediting makes your work professional and represents you as a professional author.

I offer copyediting for fantasy and science fiction across all subgenres. Why so specific? A copyeditor who specializes in the genre understands how complex worldbuilding, magic systems, and speculative science work in fiction, and how to present them on the page through words, punctuation, paragraph breaks, and grammar.

Fantasy and science fiction are intricate stories. There will be contradictions, failures in continuity, and other mistakes. Another set of experienced eyes will help locate those mistakes. An editor outside the genre may need more time and more conversations with you which costs you money if you are paying by the hour.

Here is a sample before and after giving you an idea of my editing style.

Pricing starts at $0.0065 per word, but each work is unique and the level of editing needed varies. For some projects an hourly rate may be more appropriate. Contact me at for a custom quote.

Each project includes a call or Skype review session.

I’m a member of ACES, the American Copy Editors Society, and I hold a Poynter Institute ACES Certificate in Copyediting.

I follow the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines for fiction.