Manuscript Evaluation

Congratulations! You’ve finished a book. That’s an accomplishment 99% of those who say they want to be writers never reach. Now, is it ready for publication?

I’m an author, poet, editor, and publisher. I have been a mentor for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America’s Nebula Conference. If you’re new to publishing, I can help you negotiate this tricky environment.

After the alpha and beta reading. After editing or critiques, are you ready to publish your book? A Manuscript Evaluation can help you determine your readiness. Whether self-publishing, submitting to a small press open call, or an agent, there are things you need to be sure you’ve done or prepared. The free Epos Manuscript Evaluation Checklist is meant to help you ensure you’ve done everything you can to present the best manuscript to buyers, presses, and agents.

If after using the checklist you still feel unsure, contact me for a formal Manuscript Evaluation where I’ll review your manuscript and help you through your questions.