Manuscript Preparation

You finished your story, or novel; congratulations! Few people who think they want to write evert get to type THE END. Now it’s time to send it somewhere: magazine market, editor, or agent.

Submitting short stories, poems, novellas, and novels can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Each market and each agent have their own requirements. Some want a file saved as .docx but not a .doc, others want .rtf. Some submissions have to be anonymous, others need the author’s name on every page.

Whether you’re tired of, or daunted by this process, I can help.

My Manuscript Preparation Service takes your completed manuscript and prepares submission document files according to market and agent specific guidelines.

Provide me with your raw manuscript file, the market(s) you wish to submit to, and I will research their guidelines and prepare the correct submission document formats. You’ll receive files ready for submission. All you have to do is submit your manuscript.


This is an example of a Shunn formatted manuscript using Times New Roman. A manuscript submission format used by many markets and agents.


Prices start at $10 for up to 25 pages. For manuscripts longer than 25 pages I’ll provide a custom quote. Note: page count = word count / 250.

Contact for details, questions, or a quote.

Note: I don’t suggest submitting the story for you. It’s your final chance to review, and response emails should go directly to you the author not a third party.

Disclaimer: the Epos Manuscript Preparation Service does not guarantee publication acceptance by any market or agent. Not having a properly formatted manuscript will, however, diminish your chances of acceptance.