New Poetry Workshop: Approaching S/F Poetry

Starting today, I’m offering a workshop for poets of any level who are new to Speculative and Fantasy poetry. The workshop will be 100% online, 4 weeks long, and at $69, I think affordable. There is room for 6 participants and as soon as I have 2 participants I’ll set the start date.

Delivered via the Epos Discord, the workshop will comprise weekly topic discussions and reviews of poems submitted by participants. The goal is for everyone to write speculative or fantasy poems and receive encouraging feedback in a safe environment. See all the details here.

You can be new to poetry, or just new to Fantasy and Speculative poetry. We all have something to learn. I will not just be the facilitator, but a participant as well.

I’m a poet and author of fantasy and speculative fiction. I’m also a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. You can find my poetry in the Star*Line Summer 2020 issue, and at Free Verse Revolution. I have also published a short collection of realist poems in An Important Sky.