The Time is Right: Why Live a Creative Life?

The Time is Right
The Time is Right
The Time is Right: Why Live a Creative Life?

Welcome to episode one of the Time is Right podcast. Kevin and John discussed the value of living a creative life and what that really means to them. The two bring different perspectives to the conversation: John works on his music part-time while keeping a full-time job. Kevin is building a full-time career devoted to writing, editing, and publishing. They talk about how living a life centered on creativity can be equally rewarding for both the full-time creator and those that must fit their creative pursuits into their free time.

Kevin and John also talk honestly about life changes and events that inspired them to make their creative pursuits central to their lives. 


John really enjoys the Creative Codex podcast produced by MJ Dorian and available wherever you find your podcasts. The podcast is an eclectic mix of deep dives into the lives and minds of creative people. Stories told in journalistic style, interviews with creatives, and even short creative tips. 

Find it on Apple Podcasts or check out the show notes on If you like it, drop him a good review and if you really like it, consider becoming a patron.

Kevin shared Seth Godin’s book of tips and pep-talks for creatives: The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. Godin’s book is helpful for those struggling to establish a creative practice and making creativity a habit.

Other Things We Talked About

Kevin mentioned a few creative characters celebrating their successes and failures on YouTube:

  • Adam Savage (yes, Myth Busters Adam Savage) has a great YouTube channel called Adam Savage’s Tested
  • Simone Giertz tries all kinds of things, builds many kinds of projects, and shares them on her YouTube whether or not they’re successful.