Episode 2: Giving Yourself Permission To Be Creative

The Time is Right
The Time is Right
Episode 2: Giving Yourself Permission To Be Creative

Getting Started

Kevin and John talk about giving yourself permission to center your life around creativity and prioritize your creative self-expression. That means allowing yourself the time but also allowing yourself the space to learn and grow and occasionally fail. They also talk about a willingness to be vulnerable, and how the rewards outweigh the risks. 


John recently read The Artist’s Journey: The Wake of the Hero’s Journey and the Lifelong Pursuit of Meaning by Steven Pressfield. I found the idea was a simple one: the life you’ve lived so far is your hero’s journey. When you’re ready to write, paint, make music, or whatever your form of expression, your artist’s journey begins. All your experiences, trials, tribulations, and joys will fuel your art. 

I had always dabbled in music making but only started composing consistently and with intention relatively late in life. I found the idea that all my experiences and hard won life lessons up to that point prepared me to make art that was more real and “authentic” to who I am, very compelling. 

Check out Steven Pressfield’s website for more details.

Kevin shared some YouTube creators who show off the things they’re making and their processes. He highlighted three in particular that share their work, warts and all, including their failures.

Simone Giertz, the maker of her own Tesla truck

Evan and Katelyn who will try to make anything even if they don’t have the right tools

Mark Rober, the maker of the Amazon porch pirate glitter bomb