Story Evaluation

If you’ve written a short story up to 9,000 words, or a novelette up to 15,000 words, I offer a story evaluation that works similar to my Critiques for longer works.

A Story Evaluation involves understanding your intent or goal for the story. Will you send it to a publication hoping for a sale? Is it a reader magnet for your newsletter? Is it a bonus tie-in with a novel or series? Each goal has different story requirements.

I make multiple close readings of the story. Then I evaluate the mechanics of the piece, and how effectively the story meets its intended purpose.

  • I note what the author has made clear to the reader or left unclear.
  • Review choices of voice, style, and form.
  • Ask questions from the reader’s perspective.
  • Ask questions from and acquiring editor’s perspective.

Reviews start at $30, but if your work is very short, such as flash fiction, I will provide a custom quote.

Contact to schedule a review of your short story.