Episode 23: Taking Creative Breaks

The Time is Right: Living A Creative Life
The Time is Right: Living A Creative Life
Episode 23: Taking Creative Breaks

In this episode, John and Kevin discuss why taking a break or slowing down our creativity can actually make us more creatively productive. Taking the time to consider our work: the content, techniques, and approaches, even our mindset, will benefit our overall effort.

  • The need to recharge
  • First Ideas: taking time to think of and generate better ideas
  • Living—experiencing life, which fuels creativity

Bonus! Stay tuned for a special, surprise ending.


Kevin suggested The Art of Slow Writing, by Louise DeSalvo – not just for writers. DeSalvo discusses the idea that our best work comes when we’ve taken our time to let ideas filter to us. First blush ideas are the easy ones. Lots of examples of famous books that took years not just to write, but for authors to figure out what their story idea was about.

John suggested Laura Veirs’s Kaleidoscope Creativity Cards. Draw three cards and put them together as a creativity prompt.

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